A Daughter Must Throw Tight Spirals and Bait a Hook

copy-cropped-headerI do not want to impose my rules, however sound and wise they are, on any father. However, when my daughters were born I envisioned things I would teach them before releasing them into the cold hard world. The incomplete list includes: How to:

  • Change a car tire
  • Very basic car maintenance
  • Throw a respectable forward pass
  • Bait your own hook (worms and crickets)
  • Kiss the first fish you catch then remove it from the hook
  • Firmly but politely tell a guy to pound pavement
  • Mow the grass
  • Be a good hostess
  • Play a 301 dart game
  • Be a good winner and loser as a participant or spectator
  • Grill (mom teaches cooking on the tamed fire of the stove and oven)

Mom handled the grooming, nail polish, lady-like behavior (with my commentary), keeping house, and other women’s issues that I’d rather not know about. Our combined teaching has developed some well-rounded daughters with pretty hair and nice nails who can proudly grip the pigskin and play catch in the front yard. Of course, the most important thing that we have taught them is to develop a close relationship with God and strive to glorify Him by the way they talk and act. This includes the principles of being a true friend, humility, sacrifice, service, holiness, purity, the emphasis of inner beauty and industry of the Proverbs 31 woman, how to worship, and reverence. I am proud that they can throw a good pass and fish like their mom, but I am prouder that they are godly and want to honor God.