Twas The Night Before Camp

Twas the night before camp, and all through the state, all the counselors were panicked, as they readied in haste.…

Apply Massive Effort to Get Results

When we set goals but direct limited energy towards fulfilling them and avoiding distractions, we get limited results. Developing skills, learning information in school, following diet and fitness plans, and nurturing relationships require focused sustained effort to succeed.

Why do people listen to pundits?

Political, news, sports, and economic pundits are often very wrong but we keep listening and reacting to their predictions. When we see who they are, we might care less.

Book Review: Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

Ryan Holiday provides great insight from personal experience into the blurring of the lines between blogging and journalism and how the twin factors of add revenue based on screen views and the desire to break a story first create the perfect storm of rumors as news and sensationalist stories appealing to fear, anger, or scandal. When you finish the book you truly will see news and blogging in a different light and how a “follow the money” approach explains so much of what we see.